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Dr. Tammy understands women’s frustration with hormonal imbalance and through her journey, she developed a 10-Step Bio-Balance Program to help women understand and conquer metabolic hormonal imbalances. Through extensive lab tests and hormonal supplementation, healthy eating and exercise, the doctor helps women to achieve their wellness goals quickly, efficiently and without stress. She has written several books to help women achieve optimal health, including Healthy Ambitions: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Healthcare, Project Fabulous: The True Bio-Balance System, and Project Fabulous Supplemental Guide: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness, Project Wellness and Balancing Act which are available at​

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The Naked Doctor Show Podcasts/Radio Show

Dr. Tammy hosted a radio show/podcast from 2015 to 2017. Take a listen to these entertaining, fascinating and informative audio podcasts!

Below are links to the archived podcasts on Dr. Tammy's youTube Channel:

The Naked Doctor Show

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